Since 1936, the art of wood

Wood is our passion, we are artisans and we handle it with creativity and imagination to realize original products, exquisitely Made in Italy, which always inspire smiles and new emotions.

Over the years, the creativity of Francesco Bartolucci, together with his artistic staff, took inspiration by nature and animals in making everyday items, such as watches, photo frames and coat racks, designed to decorate all living spaces with joy.

a family of artisans

Since 1936, our family has been synonymous with handmade excellence, following the great Italian tradition of woodworking. In 1981, Francesco began his new adventure by carving his first Pinocchio:

"What I do every day and for many hours a day is not simply a job, but a passion. The creation of every new article excites me just as it did the first time, and just like a child I cannot wait to have it finished; I like to think that my items, carved with my own hands, will go into people’s homes and be loved."

Francesco Bartolucci
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  • Adventure

    Catch the winds in your sails. Explore Dream Discover

    - Mark Twain -

  • Romance

    Poetry is a love letter to the world

    - Charlie Chaplin -

  • Surprise

    Wonder is the mainspring of every discovery, it’s emotion towards the irrational

    - Cesare Pavese -

  • Relax

    Let the world around you fade dim away

    - Italo Calvino -

  • Fantasy

    The logic takes you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere

    - Albert Einstein -

  • Game

    The real man hides an inner child who wants to play

    - Friedrich Nietzsche -

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